Of course most info pages are rather boring and long, so I will try to keep this short for all of you who have been so kind as to click on this page anyway.

My name is Megan Snide. I’m an avid artist, musician and writer in my spare time (which comes every once in a blue moon). For the moment I’m working on bettering my skills of art while I balance my many days of band practice. It makes for a very interesting compilation of things that take up space in my bedroom.

Im 16 at the moment and still live with my parents, brother, and dog (yes my dog and brother are two different beings. I actually love my brother to death :). My family is awesome and I’d love to thank them for dealing with my plethora of strange events I’ve had to attend to get to the place I am now. I love you all!

Well so as not to bore you any longer, that’s a little bit about myself. If you have any other questions I’m fairly certain you can post questions below…. still trying to get ahold of how to use this thing… Sorry!


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